Silence and friends

There is a situation that has come into my life and I find that I am pulling back from my friend.  Why?

She is about to take guardianship of a 13 month old adorable little boy.  She met him on Tuesday and he will be spending the night at her place tonight to see how he does when there are no other children around.  All ready he has had a rough life.  His mom dropped him off at his Aunt’s house 2 1/2 months ago and hasn’t come back.  This mother allready has had one child taken from her home from the state and her rights terminated.  Another child died, maybe at the hands of a boyfriend.  There is a history of drugs and abuse.  Noone really knows when this little ones birthday is.  What is known is that he was born after Mother’s Day 2006 and before June 1st.

While I am happy for my friend C.  I find myself pulling back from her.  I called her last night and got off the phone quickly because I didn’t want to talk or even think about adoption.  I am having enough problems with my situation.  But how do I support my friend when she stood by me?  How do I not feel hatred for this situation?  How do I seperate my feelings about adoption and that of my friend?

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  1. Theresa
    Jun 12, 2007 @ 19:45:32

    This would be so hard for me; if someone I cared about adopted. Just sending you lots of good wishes. It’s got to be so triggering for you.

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