My Story

This is one thing I probably won’t write about.

It is for Supergirl to know – to ask.

I do have it written down.

Let’s just say:

I was in a relationship (piss on you for those who think that I slept around).  We got pregnant.  We thought about what we were going to do.  He was all ready working 2 jobs.  He had 2 kids.  1 that he had visitation with, the other he hadn’t seen since she was a babe.  Not his choice and he was paying child support on both.

He brought up adoption.  He brought up open adoption.

He has now decided that “out of site, out of mind”.  This is how he is dealing with Supergirl.  He doesn’t ask about her.  He hasn’t seen her.  But when he does come over, we still talk once in awhile, and he thinks that I have fallen asleep since he shows up at a ungodly hour for me, he will pull out her photo album and look through it.

The rest of the story is for Supergirl.