The women in my life

I was just talking about this with a friend of mine last night about the number of women we call “Mom”.

I think at the last count it was: 6

There is my actual mom.  I love her and all but we have nothing in common.  There is a woman on the internet that I know just from online and phone calls that I call Mom.  We are tied together because of adoption.

There is a woman at work who we call Mom.  She is a mom.  She knows about Supergirl.  She asks about Supergirl.  She asks how I am doing.

There is the woman who used to live next to my friend C, I just started one day and it has continued to this day.

There a number of others who my brother and I grew up and we were at their house and their kids at our house and so it just got easier to call them Mom.

I often wonder where I would be if not for these women.  They have each offered me something different from the others and I love that they are here for me.  I love that I can go to these women in time of need and talk.