A jumble

Things have still been busy. But I finally wrote them a note and asked about getting together for a visit in October. It has been almost a week and nothing.

Why is it that I have to keep my end of the deal but they are able to drop the ball whenever they care to?

Why are they allowed to show no respect for me but I have to continue to show respect towards them?

How do I look Supergirl in the eye years from now and answer her question “Why did you disappear from my life?”

How do I look her in the eye and tell her that it wasn’t me and that it was them?

Why are they allowed to hide behind their feeble minded excuses and I am not?

Why do I have to own up to my feelings and they don’t?


I went and saw my doctor this week and I am beginning Zoloft this week. I am hoping to avoid the last 6 weeks of depression.

I am talking about life, work affecting depression. I went and told my supervisor at work. This way she can point out if I am not acting like myself and seem to be going around in a daze.


I haven’t talked C and baby R in awhile. I like the kid. I like what C is doing. I hate his mom for being the stereo type for what a birthmom is seen as by many people who don’t know what is going on. She is a druggie. She dumped R off at her sisters and didn’t look back. She didn’t call her sister to see how he was doing. C only heard from her when she was served the papers telling her that she had to report to court. She didn’t come, she called the court and said that she had a dentist appointment!??! WTF!!! come on. If it was my child I would be there without hesitation. I would walk there if I had too.

Come to find out she was told from the state already that they would let her have R. They had already removed her other children. C doesn’t even know when R had his last shots. She now has to play catch up with everything.


Otherwise trying to figure out why people are so unbelievably stupid about things that affect them every day.

Things like:

Birthmom was in incubator (ummm no)

Adoptees have no issues (you know this how)

Not telling them that they are adopted isn’t a bad thing and that you weren’t lied to (that is just so much bs)

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. justenjoyhim
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 04:47:04

    why people are so unbelievably stupid about things that affect them every day.

    Ahhhh, the million dollar question. If you find out the answer to that one, let us know, will you?

    I’m so very sorry for how the aparents are treating you. I don’t need to tell you how unfair it is. I wish arrangements were legally binding.

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