Do I

just walk away and tell myself that I did everything that I could?

Do I just sit back and take whatever that they let me have with Supergirl?

Do I just continue to kick and scream and be a thorn in their side?

It has now been over a week since I did what they said I had to do in order to get a visit.  I asked for one.

My response:  NOTHING!!

Am I mad, hell yeah!

Why does one side have to do all the work when we all signed the same piece of paper?

How do I explain this to Supergirl down the line?

I don’t say anything bad about her parents but really, it is very upsetting, frustrating, emotional to have the one thing you wish so close and yet so far.  KWIM?

I won’t drive up to their place.  I cannot do that.  That would ruin any chance of a relationship now or later.  I would have broken their trust and my word.

But what about them?

Can someone tell me that please?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dawn
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 06:15:37

    I’m so sorry.

  2. kimkim
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 12:53:34

    Send love energy instead of fear and frustration. Trust that it will work out. You have no choice but to stay whatever the circumstances (that’s just how I see it I could be wrong)

    Your side has no real legal power, you signed away your power, the laws are still to be changed. Hang in there, don’t turn this on yourself, just in case you are.

    One week is not very long on their side and an eternity on yours most likely. Adoption survival requires the patience of a Saint, blind trust, the humility of a slave and is the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Keep a journal and write all your feelings down and keep communicating here.

    They don’t understand your desperation and it’s not their weight to carry. Let go of Supergirl in your heart and let go of the desperation, try to create a positive vibration around this situation (not easy I know)

    Read books on the law of attraction and positive thinking books to help calm yourself so that you don’t suffer.

    I don’t know what else to offer, you are doing everything so decently and properly, keep your trust in that. Trust is a very powerful emotion.

    My heart extends out to you, if there is anything I can do to help I am just an email away.

  3. thanksgivingmom
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 02:38:55

    They have broken your trust and thier word, and the tragic thing is that it doesn’t matter. They can do it over and over again, because they have our daughters. ((((hugs))))

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