The circus is in town

I spent the better part of twenty minutes scanning North Station.  Looking at the sea of parents with children.  Looking around and wondering are they taking her to the circus this year.

Is she still afraid of some of the big animals?  Are they going tomorrow since it is a holiday?  Did they go today? Did they drive in? or take the T?

I wonder.


E seems to think that they may be freaked/afraid because of an incident after my last visit.  One that I didn’t know about.  One that I wouldn’t know about if E didn’t call them up.  I think that she (E) may be getting ready to do that again.

I told her about the letter I sent to them.  I told them what I said to them.

I told her about the note that I mailed, now almost 2 weeks ago.  I told her what I remembered from it.

I didn’t realize that picking up a phone and calling was such a hard thing to do.

Wait a minute.  Yes I do but this is only to say “yes” or “no”.


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