For Supergirl

I held you but once

before I let you go.

but I wanted you to know

that – yes, I did care.


The tears that I shed

were because you were here and

also because you

wouldn’t be near.


You would reach for another

who would hold you close.

While I looked on from across the starry sky.


Everytime I see you

Whether in pictures or in person

I see your dimple.

Some days are so hard

when I just want to cry and hide.


But I continue to fight and cry

because I cannot wait to see:

The baby you were

The toddler you’re becoming

The girl you will be

& The woman you were meant to be.



for her second birthday

Supergirl’s Box

There is a small box

in a corner of a drawer

That I try not to go into anymore.


The bottle that fed you,

The blanket that held you,

The first photo of you

before you were born.

The photo of us from the hospital floor

The bracelets from my wrist that held you name:

~Baby Girl~ nevermore.


Somedays I cannot open the drawer

but it holds a little box.

And in that little box,

It contains a piece of my heart.


One day in the future

I know not when

I will open the drawer

and pull out a small box

And I will tell you about….


The time that I held you,

The time that I fed you,

and the many times I told you that

I Love You.