Thoughts & Feelings

I haven’t written much lately. Really I wonder why.

There will always be those people who want to learn about the feelings of others in this, heck, not even a triad, but a straight line. Then there will always be those who really don’t give a shit and think that they are right and they don’t care what others have to say. So to those who think that they are always right and that you have the “perfect” adoption and situation. Guess what ~~~~~~ continue to fool yourself because I want to be here and laugh in your face when the shit hits the fan.

Why am I sooo angry?  I couldn’t tell you.  It better not be because my anti-depressant was cut in half.  I really cannot deal with the sleeplessness that it causes.


I am kinda glad that this year is over.  That means I get to see my girl.  I get to see her smile and hear her laugh.

I went overboard at Christmas.  Personally, I really don’t care how they feel about it.  She is my girl.  I shop for her the same way that I shop for everyone else I am getting presents for.  It is a yearlong event.  If I see something that I think she would like and I can, I will buy it then.  As it turns out I have enough for Christmas, a visit, and for her birthday.  I mean if I wanted to just keep with what I have now — I won’t have to buy anything for her until I start shopping for next Christmas.