I read.  Sometimes I really don’t know what I am looking for when I do.

I have read anumber of adoption related books.  I still do.  I look to see if there is any thing out there that will help me and my situation.  I haven’t come across any but then I don’t think I will.  Then everyone’s story is different and will not be like any one else’s.

I bought most of them.  E has given me some of them to help me with the fact that I was abused as a child.

Here is a short list:


The Spirit of Open Adoption

Life Givers

    both by James L Gritter


Saying Goodbye to a Baby: Patricia Roles

Healing the Child Within: Charles Whitfield

Without a Map: Meredith Hall

Then She Found Me: Elinor Upman

Waiting to Forget: Margaret Moorman

The Girls Who Went Away

Confessions of a Lost Mother


I keep looking.

I keep looking for answers.  Answers as to why? 

I wonder what I am looking for.  What answers am I trying to find?  Am I going to find anything from them?

I don’t know and so I will continue to read.