It’s a small world

My world got smaller this week.

Was it a good thing? a bad thing? Not really.

I have become friends with one of B’s exes. She has the same name as I do and we are the same age. Come to find out this week she noticed that I worked at McD’s and the same time she worked there. We have been talking about people that we knew while we worked there and I had to tell her the bad news about one of our friends, Cindy, who passed away from lung cancer about 7 years ago.

Then since I had such a bad week I decided to go out and up to the club last night. I was pulling into the parking lot and there was a car pulling up to exit and it was B. So I go walking in and people start coming up to me telling me what great timing I had and B was just there and he may be back.


I just want a night to relax, hang out with my friends and not worry about any drama. Well, he didn’t show back up but he was talking to L as she was coming back in and said, “She doesn’t talk to me anymore” didn’t realize that was a problem. “didn’t realize you two became such good friends” well you did make me try to hate her.

The reason he was out? R is in jail, no big surprise there. He is in jail for back child support payments. When I went and told T about it today her only question was “which one?” I don’t know it could be one of 2 people. It was just nice to get out.

Then there is 19 hours until the visit. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood.

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