I knew it was coming

I wasn’t going to blog about the election.  I know who I am voting for.  That has been a no brainer for awhile now but I was kind of wondering where my landlady would lean.

Why? we don’t look at it the same.  During the last Governor’s Election I knew I was going to vote for now Gov. Patrick.  Then the sign went up in the front yard.  My landlady was voting for the other person.  I cannot remember her name but I do remember how she, like the then current Governor Romney, didn’t like to be in the state and was spending most of her time building her new home in Vermont.

So I got in my car yesterday to do some errands.  Pull out and almost get into an accident.  Why?   There it was: McCain/Palin.  I got home and called a good friend because I knew how she would have reacted because we talked about this when she was on vacation.


These 2 people scare the shit out of me.  They scare my 82 y/o Grandmother as well.  She is so afraid that these 2 are going to win that she has all ready talked to her doctors about seeing which ones she can stop going to because McCain wants to cut Medicare/caid benefits!!!!!!!  WTF!!!!!  The man should start living in the real world and find out just how much Medicare doesn’t pay now.  Why else are many senior citizens carrying multiple insurance carriers?  Hell, my grandmother has 3. 3 for an 82 y/o female.  All because all ready Medicare has cut their payments.  I see it at work with the work that I do.

These 2 people do not have the right to tell me what to do with my body.  They do not have the right to tell me that they will give me $5,000 for health care but turn around and tax me on it.  I mean really.


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