I spent Thanksgiving with my father’s relatives.  They are mine as well.  It was interesting.  My great Uncle who is pretty much deaf, even with his hearing aids, was asking about Father.  I told him that I don’t hear from him and I liked it like that.  He then ask Grams.  I don’t know what she told him since I was onto another conversation.

So, who was at this get together?

Well, Grams, Aunt, Cousin, 3 2nd cousins, 1 3rd cousin, Great Aunt and Uncle, partner and family friend.  I think if I added everyone there were 12 of us.

It was a great dinner.  Then afterwards we had birthday cake to celebrate 2 of my 2nd cousins birthdays!!  So including fruit, pie, cookies, torta, there was birthday cake.

We then sat around and started to play some games.  Well, with this family we sing.  Most of do atleast.  We started to play SongBurst 50’s & 60’s edition.  It was fun!!  Especially watching my 15 y/o cousins’ face looking at his mother, my Aunt, burst into song.  I say it about time.  I was broken in about the same age.  My brother was a few years younger but quickly adapted and sang along.

It was a nice 2 days.  I haven’t seen 1 2nd cousin since the family reunion, about 22 years ago.  The other 2nd cousins, probably about 7 years when my cousin J came back from China with her daughter C.

It did however make me think alot of Supergirl over the weekend and it still has me thinking.

How is she?

What would she like for Christmas?

I miss her.  Some times the holidays just make it worst.


I am confused about anumber of things.


Biker Boy is back.  Not back back but he calls me up, sends things on other sites.  Tells me that we should get together.  Tells me to call him so that we can talk.  And I do.  why? it is a tie to Supergirl.  That way I can update her in her journal about what is going on.  Is it good? no but I continue to call him.  I continue to see him.


The other thing.

I tried to get some assistance with my fuel.  So I called the number that I was given.  Listen to their requirements and start to laugh and cry at the same time.  With no overtime I make $2,000 too much to qualify for anything in the damn state I live in!!!!!!!!!!!  but hell, if I was knocked up, if I was a single mother then I could get plenty.  But nooooooooooooo, I had to make the “right choice” as a friend put it the other day and place Supergirl for adoption.

So, why am I know being punished for doing the “right thing”

Favorite Time of Year

I like this time of year.

I like that darkness comes earlier.

I like that I get an extra hour of sleep.

I like going in and seeing E.  Only for the reason to get back to North Station and just look at the people who I know will be getting off at Salem.  Why? You cannot miss them.  They are in costume.  They are going to Haunted Happens in Salem which goes on for about 6 weeks leading up to Halloween.  Perfect for the Witch City.  It is always interesting to see how many people get off at Salem and watch them walk by in their costumes.

Then there is the buying of the Halloween cards for the kids.  My Grandmother gives me a list and some money and I go and buy Halloween cards for her to send.  This year, Lanky, was added to that list.

Little does she know that she has also been sending one to Supergirl for the past few years.

I go to the store.

Walk to the cards.

Pick out the cards for the rest of the list.

Then —  spend 10-15 minutes trying to find that “perfect” card for Supergirl.

It will all happen again for Christmas.