Mother Nature, Life and what not

Things have been — well been. Neither happy nor sad. Mother Nature came with a storm and I had about a foot of snow last Friday into Saturday. Shoveled out by 4pm, went to a friends, went out for a drink and came home. It started to snow on Sunday and turned to rain. Another 7 inches to add to the 11 on the ground.
Errands for work. 2 days of work. Shopping, mail, cold and shoveling have held my time to a computer to a minimum. I have not written in Supergirl’s journal, my journal or anywhere.
I did however finish off all of the scarves that I had orders for and now have to finish those for my friends and Supergirl. Then I have 2 others to do.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Anger part II

I was really hoping that this would only be a one time thing.  But I am still angry.

I am now angry at mother nature for dumping a foot of snow in Vermont.  I am angry for not going up to Vermont.  I need it.  I need the break. I want the time to myself.  So as of right now my plans to get Chinese food for Christmas Eve are on the verge of being cancelled.  My plans to spend Christmas Day in comfortable clothes then going to the beach are on the verge of being cancelled.


the only up side???

E will be calling L this week.  Hopefully she will be able to get in touch with her.  I think if I get a phone call from L then I know that E talked to her.  We shall see.


I have alot of anger right now.

Why?  I am waiting for a 2 line note from L.  Or even a 30 second phone call.  Does she really keep going 24/7?  Please.  I am not that stupid.  I asked one simple question and I have gotten nothing in return.  Ofcourse all this is happening around a date I would love to remember more but would rather forget ever happened.

I last saw Supergirl in her element (her house) 2 years ago.  Since then our open adoption has spiraled downward.  I believe beyond a doubt that L believes that I told Supergirl that I am her birthmom.  I can tell you and her and anyone who may doubt me that I did not.  What would I gain out of it?  NOTHING!! so why go there?  It took over a year to get another visit.  I don’t want to go through that again.  It hurt.  It still hurts.

Then I was saw E yesterday.  She told me that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with C.  WTF!!!!!  So now E said she would think of something but because this is December — nothing will happen this month.

Fucking Merry Christmas to me.

*Sorry, I am not only hurt and angry, I am crying at anything.  I was watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD and just started bawling my eyes out because Dr. Lang couldn’t find a leg.  Yes, I was crying.  I was watching another DVD last night and I started crying as well.