One would think a worker at the agency would know the correct terminology and that the proof reader would realize that they quoted her twice.
The law says you cannot give your baby to somebody without taking the mandatory legal steps.

the story:

Stevens Point police allege Bobbi Jo, 32, and Jason Dolski, 30, took a baby from a woman more than a year ago illegally.

The couple faces charges of child abduction, unauthorized adoption and lying on a birth certificate. They’re being held in Portage County Jail.

Adoption is a complicated process that must involve a licensed adoption agency.

The danger of giving your baby away without the legal documentation is not knowing what could happen to the child.

Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Wausau works with women facing pregnancies they weren’t expecting.

The executive director wants birth mothers to realize they do have support, and that it’s a good idea to get lots of information and weigh your options before making any major decisions.

And if you do decide on adoption, you must seek professional help from a licensed agency.

“Now it’s worked out that birth mom really has a lot of control. Now she can if she chooses, she can choose the family, she can interview the family, she gets a biography about the family, so pictures and things that she’ll know about the family,” said Janna Janke.

Many birth moms choose to have an open adoption, meaning they can have direct contact with their biological child throughout his or her life.

“Now it’s worked out that birth mom really has a lot of control. She can choose the family, she can interview the family, she gets a biography about the family,” Janke said.

She says unfortunately many women who face unexpected pregnancies are scared, in denial and feel alone.

And that’s when support is so important.

According to Lutheran Social Services, though you can’t buy a baby, birth mothers can receive up to $5,000 in some cases. But that’s only for a birth mom’s needs such as medical expenses, helping with rent, and transportation costs.

On average, about 120,000 children are adopted each year in the U.S.


Again, I had control of the situation?  Oh yes that is right    never did I have any control.  I don’t have control now and I didn’t then.

I did not have the biography of the paps.  I only received a 2 page selling.

Rest in Peace

Nana is gone.


She passed away today.

Nana again

Chemo was taken off the table.

Nana is pretty much unresponsive and with altered mental status.  She has O2 and that isn’t helping much.

She has so much toxin in her system that she now has oozing sores. (I know it isn’t pretty but this is my life)

Grampy has talked to a funeral home and he will follow her wishes.  No added expense to anyone.

No funeral.  No service. No memorial.

She will be cremated and then he and my Mother will walk down to the end of the street with her ashes and scatter them and go home.

I broke down on the phone with Mom yesterday.  Just thinking about it and I break down some more.

I just hope that she goes peacefully, without pain.

I hope she knows how much I love her.

How much I love the traits that I have inherited from her.  #1 being — starting to go grey at 16 and coloring since 21.  Nana has been coloring her hair black since she was 18.

Double O parties.  Must find the recipe for that.

Come as you are breakfasts for MDA.

Annual camp shows.



Having a good time.


I know it has been awhile since I have written anything.  It is just there isn’t really anything to write.

E still hasn’t talked to L.  Well that was as of last week.

Since then that and adoption has been placed on the back burner.

My Mother called last Friday.  My Nana is the CCU.  She went unresponsive last week.  Her kidneys failed (they have since come back).

She doesn’t go to the doctor so she has cataracts, and a double hernia that she has done nothing about.

She was diagnosed with a form of blood leukemia.

I was told Chemo was off the table because she is so weak and weighs about 80 lbs wet.

That changed yesterday with an update from my Mom.

Chemo starts tomorrow. 

 I am angry that I am so far away from them.

I am angry that her doctors are going to do this to this woman.

I am just angry and hating the world and Missing Supergirl.

I need a night where I don’t cry myself to sleep.