Nana again

Chemo was taken off the table.

Nana is pretty much unresponsive and with altered mental status.  She has O2 and that isn’t helping much.

She has so much toxin in her system that she now has oozing sores. (I know it isn’t pretty but this is my life)

Grampy has talked to a funeral home and he will follow her wishes.  No added expense to anyone.

No funeral.  No service. No memorial.

She will be cremated and then he and my Mother will walk down to the end of the street with her ashes and scatter them and go home.

I broke down on the phone with Mom yesterday.  Just thinking about it and I break down some more.

I just hope that she goes peacefully, without pain.

I hope she knows how much I love her.

How much I love the traits that I have inherited from her.  #1 being — starting to go grey at 16 and coloring since 21.  Nana has been coloring her hair black since she was 18.

Double O parties.  Must find the recipe for that.

Come as you are breakfasts for MDA.

Annual camp shows.



Having a good time.


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