A night out

I spent the night out with friends. The ones who showed up and were there I would go to and help in a phone call. So when they came out all because I said I needed a night out: it made it a great night. I had a few drinks, Malibu and coke, highly recommend 😉 not overly sweet and just tastes great!! LOL

Any how it got me thinking after I dropped off C at her place just how much music is tied to me as well. My mom was always singing. If there was a song on the radio that she liked she would start singing. I am the same way. One of my grandmothers is the same. But like I was saying………………….. How some songs/artists  just make me feel better.
Here are just a few:

The original Broadway recording of RENT.  There is nothing wrong with the movie but it does not have the depth that the original has.  I am a RENT head.  I can listen to the CD and tell you what the stage looks like.  I still cry at the same points.  I still just start to look around during one song because there is like, 20 voices going on at once.  I will be heart broken on June 1st when RENT closes on Broadway.  Thank heaven for tours 🙂 😉

Don’t ask me why but Alannis Morrisette is another.  I mean, just listen to the words of Ironic or You Oughta Know.  All though I was told this past weekend that I don’t sing them like I used to (sorry) I guess I don’t have the anger behind them but I can still nail them.

10,000 Maniacs/Natalie Merchant is another.  Because the Night is always good. Carnival is another.

Dixie Chicks has always been a favorite, even when everyone else seemed to have a problem with them.  Not Ready to Make Nice, Voice Inside My Head, Landslide.  I could go on where they are concerned.

When I am angry there are those bands that just make me feel good about my bad moods.  Nickleback, Disturbed, Korn, Sixx AM, Metallica, etc.

All though I did manage to have one of my coworkers look at me in a new light when she asked if she could borrow a few CD’s to listen to and she looked through them and asked “Are these really yours?”  yeap, I burned them all.  She told her husband and his response was “Okay, she is totally cool.”

I guess I am.

Music makes me who I am and I listen to almost all of it.

I sing some of it but like everything else: depends on my mood.

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