Well, this was another busy week.  Trying to get through a slow week at work and finding out that a few people during the week had been fired (well the email said Laid off).  Having a migraine for most of the week and not getting any sleep.

Then on Thursday I drove and met up with E for the panel for pap’s.  There was another firstmom besides myself, an adoptive couple and an adoptee who has adopted.  Then in the audience were 5 couples in different stages of their journey.

Most of them were very nice.  I say this because there was one woman who added to my headache because she WOULDN’T shut up.  She was an adoptee and she had an opinion on everything that was discussed.  I didn’t mention Supergirl’s name and told the short story on how Supergirl got her name.  Her question to me “What is her name?”  I don’t have to tell you and I won’t tell you.

“Why are you doing mediation?” Because I want some answers.

“When we adopt I am going to make a scrapbook and send it to birthmom”

The gentleman next to me who was adopted, was adopted in Mass. and has lived in Mass. his whole life.  He also didn’t find out he was adopted until he was 36.  I think that is so wrong on so many levels.  No one should have to live their life as a lie.

Once it was done I was out of there.  I couldn’t handle being around that woman any more.  The adoptive couple just wanted to talk and talk and talk.  I looked at E when it was over and told her that I hope the weather holds out and if not I wouldn’t see her on Saturday.  She ended up cancelling on me Friday because of the weather and I have to cancel on her for this coming Saturday but one of these days I will make it in and see her.