I won’t write about the Pregnancy Pact that appears to be nothing.  Nothing in the sense that I have nothing new to say about it.  Others have done a much better job of it then I could so I will leave it to them.

I am not far from it.

It is only about 30 minutes away from me.  The principal is going back and forth.  The Time writer apparently didn’t speak to any of the pregnant teens and just took the word of fellow high school students.

I won’t write about the Neil Entwhistle case.

He is guilty.

His parents are idiots for trying to blame their now dead daughter in law of murdering their grandchild then killing herself and he was trying to protect her reputation.  I can see how he was protecting her and being a loving husband and father by putting a gun to the torso of his child and pulling the trigger then shooting his wife in the head.  So loving in fact that he didn’t call 911.  So loving that he went to the airport and flew home to England and didn’t tell anyone.

Yeah real love there.



I don’t know.  I have been in a mood lately.  I have alot of anger.

But my secret wasn’t over with just yet.  I have more pictures coming my way from M.  Cannot wait for them.