All My Children

I have watched soap operas/day time television for years.  I have grown up with Ryan’s Hope before it became Loving.  All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital.  I have grown up with Erica Kane and all of her marriages, affairs, jobs and divorces.  Adam Chandler and Palmer Cortland.  and the famous Luke and Laura wedding.

Then there is the saga of Tad and Dixie from AMC.  A number of years ago Dixie left, she was pregnant.  There was an accident.  There was the evil doctor who convinced her that she wouldn’t live and so see signed away her rights to parent her child.  The child, Kate/Kathy, then was adopted illegally (no surprise there).

Fast forward.

Kate/Kathy is back in Pine Valley being raised by her Aunt Julia as her parents passed away last year from an accident.  Tad and Kathy connected from day one.  They got along great and had a great time together.  Dixie is now dead, Tad is looking for his Kate.  There is a shooting and now Tad is injured and Julia is dead.

Long story short.  Tad just recently found out that Kathy is his Kate.  He wondered how he was going to tell her that he is her Dad.  His adoptive father, Joe, told him the words would come to him.  Another long story there.  But for those who know the show know the story.

He did it.  I was in tears.  It was done great.  I had to call my friend Coley and let her know and told her to have a tissue with her.

Interested in seeing how this continues.  So I will continue to watch the saga that goes on in Pine Valley, PA.

My job part 2

I know my last post about my job made it look like it was all down. It isn’t.

It isn’t a big company. I know the owner by name and he knows mine. I know the managers and we can joke back and forth on a regular basis.

We talk sports. Hello, this is New England and so everyone: with the exception of a few lost souls: are Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fans. We discuss stats, runs, missed plays, homers and injuries.

The owner is wonderful. He has a appreciation dinner every month. One for first shift and one for second. He comes to the dinners and talks with everyone.

I work with all women. It isn’t bad. Every once in awhile there will be a male who join our ranks but for reasons unknown to us they don’t work out. We don’t do anything — well that we know of. We talk. We have very interesting conversations and points of view. I think our ages go from 23 to 45. Many of us have kids and we will talk about said kids. I don’t join in all of these conversations. Because there are a few coworkers I will never tell about Supergirl and her adoption. Just comments that they have made in passing make me bite my tongue in order to keep my job. I like the job and would like to keep it.

Many nights we are in tears because we are laughing so hard. I have learned many new ways on how to spell words like: nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to name a few. Enough different spellings to make me wonder if I remember if I know how to spell them.

We talk music, books, life, movies, television.

We talk about boyfriends, husbands, exes, in-laws, parents, neighbors.

We talk about new shops, restaurants, scrapping supply stores; the local ones, not Michael’s or AC Moore.

My job

There are many days when I love my job.  I do.  I may vent that they are getting on my case that my numbers are low or not as high as they normally are but then again I am also second in command so I have to help G answer questions as the night goes on, enter my runs and correct QC (quality control) for the newbies and the random QC I have to do for the others.  Oh, and take incoming phone calls. No pressure.  (smirk)

Any way — there are really interesting days.  My job is different.  I don’t know of anyone who does ambulance medical billing.  Basically, you call 911 and there is a good chance I could get it at work.  We do over 200 towns in 6 states.  I also help with the new towns and work out kinks and pass them on to others.

Then there are the nights were I am in tears because a parent thought it was a good thing to co-sleep with a child and while asleep, rolled over on top of said infant.  Parents wakes up.  Realizes what happened.  Calls 911 and I see “officer running out of house with limp infant in arms.  Blue around lips, no pulse.”  I cry.  So I really just want to scream when I read on the forums about aparents who think it such a great idea to do this as they seem to think this is a way to bond.  gag.  double gag.

Then there are the nights when I see alot of  Supergirl’s name.  A good number of nights I can deal and it won’t be a problem but she has a common name. There is nothing special about her name.  It is always there.  Tonight it jolted me.

Then the nights were I get a minor who is pregnant and is in labor.  And come to find out this isn’t the first.

I think the worst part of the job is that when I watch the news, and my coworkers do this as well, we see where the accident or incident happened to see if we are getting the run at work.  Gives new meaning to watching the television now.

Then listing to the stupid morons talk about nothing that they know about but want to sound important when they sound like the idiots they are and give us a reason to laugh.

I really like weekends.

I really like holidays.