Things I see

I have been doing alot of reading lately. Which is what I do. I love to read, I love the curling up on the couch, have a drink next to me and just open a book.
My only problem?? for some reason EVERY book that I have pulled out has had a mention of adoption in it. One way or another. Some days it doesn’t bother me and some days it takes all of my nerves not to throw the book across the room.

Then there is the Supergirl front.
I sent an email to BF and got no response. I sent a second email and got a response with PHOTOS!!!
Do I wish there were more? Hell yeah but it is a step and I will take what I can get.
I am quickly approaching 1 year since the last visit. As a person who avoids confrontation I don’t know how to ask for another. Supergirl asked for the last one.
Do I wait for her to ask?
Do I just open up and ask?
Am I making her life harder because I am fighting to stay in her life?
Plus, I think I am starting to suffer from anxiety…

Just what I don’t need.