Supergirl  had an interesting post about her daughters eyes looking like hers. It made start to think about Supergirl.

When she was born and right after the delivery: she was wrapped and I saw her.  My friend, T, and I remarked on how she has the dent in her chin just like B.  Her lips were formed in the same way.  I look at her baby pictures and I see her lips and when I see her lips I see him.

She also had a dimple.  A one-sided dimple.  So that when she smiled only one dimple showed up.  She got that from her 1/2 brother.  I really don’t see it from B but then I don’t have alot of pictures of him and the ones that I do have, he isn’t smiling.  But the pictures that I have of his son, C, you cannot miss it.  It is on the same side.


Then she started to grow and change.  Who did she look like?  Which side was she taking after?

Shortly after her first birthday she stopped looking like B and started to look more like me.  That is what I saw.  B only saw me and I only saw him when we looked at her pictures.  Our way to hold on the the other?  who knows.

I got their Christmas card in the mail yesterday.  Her hair is curlier but then it has always been curly.  Her hair is still medium-dark brown, and her eyes are still that beautiful blue that I fell in love with when she was 1 minute old.

Those that know about her here at work just looked at the picture and said that you can tell just from looking at the picture that she is mine.

I looked/studied her picture last night when I got home from work to just see what they were seeing and to continue to work up the nerve to see her next month. 

So what can I call me when I look at her?

Her eyes

Her mouth

Her smile

Those are things that they will never be able to change about her or try to call their own and really — I like it that way.