Same oh, same oh

There hasn’t been much activity going on so there hasn’t been anything to write about.  Sorry.


I sent an email asking for sizes and ideas for the soon to come Supergirl’s birthday.  The response: send a giftcard she doesn’t know what she wants.  Somehow I don’t think so.  Somehow I have a feeling that she knows what she wants — I just don’t get to know.

Not surprised there.

I did however get some pictures sent to me.  *and I ended up getting a disc and just putting all of her pictures on that – thanks for the help and ideas.

So now I had no ideas for her birthday and was justo cming up with ideas was just too much.  I couldn’t think of anything, I just knew that I was not going to get her a giftcard.

So a few weeks go by……. go and open my email and there is an email from Amom.  I almost fell out of my chair, I mean I am going through my email and find that she sent an email on April Fools Day.  So I open it and it appears that my beautiful, smart and sassy Supergirl wants to see me ❤  So Amom suggested that it happen during Spring Break.  So while I supposed to go to Charlotte for the BMB retreat weekend I was unable to get a decent price on airline tickets.  So now the plan is the Thursday I was to go to Charlotte to meet my beautiful sisters again I will be having lunch with my girl….


There you go.


My girl is now 6!!!

I cannot believe it.  I cannot believe that I continue to be on the sidelines and wonder just where I place in her life.

I know I went overboard with her birthday presents.  I think I spent the same amount on her birthday as I do for Christmas.  I usually don’t do that.  I still have to mail everything so we will see if anything gets returned but I need to get everything spread out and look at it all and maybe some of it will go into the Christmas pile and I will have started her Christmas presents.

Here is the thing:

I am all ready working on her Christmas present.

I need to get started on her kindergarten graduation present.

I found a project for her next birthday.

All 3 of the above are things that involve, knitting, counted cross stitch and another no sew blanket (probably with a pillow or two)

❤ you my beautiful, sassy, intelligent girl.  You are so loved and missed and remembered.


I have some awesome friends.  In real life and online.  I talked with a dear friend, who is the only first mom that I have met in real life, and she sent me a text the next day for Supergirl’s birthday.

Then last night, I met up with a group of ladies that I work with and we had some drinks, food, songs and laughs.  One dear friend came up to me and gave me a huge hug and just said “For you and Supergirl’s birthday.”  Another friend, one who I just told about Supergirl, came up to me and said “I wanted to text you but didn’t have your number.  But hopefully you and Supergirl had a good day yesterday.”

the White Flag….

…. is about to be raised.

I am tired.

I am worn out.

I don’t know how much more I am expected to take.

I am about to become a statistic. (ironic since I really hated that class)  well, another one since getting pregnant and then placing Supergirl made me a statistic then.

I am tired of having to put so much into a relationship that apparently is not welcomed.

Is it because Supergirl has a birthday coming up?

–Not really

It is because while I play the good girl.  The nice girl.  The pleasant girl.

The Mom gets to be the baddie and get away with it.


I have a mess of books to read and I blame my friends for that!!!

I blame Coco for showing me to Bookswim.  I blame my IRL friends for knowing me too well for my birthday.  The bookcase is being cleaned out again.  Either friends will get the fallout, or some online friends will get the fall out but I have a feeling that a good number will be donated to charity.  Again.

I have one friend, who the last time I saw her was in Barnes and Noble, and she gave me a gift card for my birthday.  I think from that one GC I went and purchased a total of 8 books.  Love sales!!!!

Now to make room from the latest shipment of chicklit and adoption related books to get me through the next few months.  Luckily it takes some time to go in and see therapist!!  Otherwise I doubt I would get as much reading done as I do with the train rides.

My job part 2

I know my last post about my job made it look like it was all down. It isn’t.

It isn’t a big company. I know the owner by name and he knows mine. I know the managers and we can joke back and forth on a regular basis.

We talk sports. Hello, this is New England and so everyone: with the exception of a few lost souls: are Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fans. We discuss stats, runs, missed plays, homers and injuries.

The owner is wonderful. He has a appreciation dinner every month. One for first shift and one for second. He comes to the dinners and talks with everyone.

I work with all women. It isn’t bad. Every once in awhile there will be a male who join our ranks but for reasons unknown to us they don’t work out. We don’t do anything — well that we know of. We talk. We have very interesting conversations and points of view. I think our ages go from 23 to 45. Many of us have kids and we will talk about said kids. I don’t join in all of these conversations. Because there are a few coworkers I will never tell about Supergirl and her adoption. Just comments that they have made in passing make me bite my tongue in order to keep my job. I like the job and would like to keep it.

Many nights we are in tears because we are laughing so hard. I have learned many new ways on how to spell words like: nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to name a few. Enough different spellings to make me wonder if I remember if I know how to spell them.

We talk music, books, life, movies, television.

We talk about boyfriends, husbands, exes, in-laws, parents, neighbors.

We talk about new shops, restaurants, scrapping supply stores; the local ones, not Michael’s or AC Moore.