A day in the sun

I have thought about writing.  I have thought of  closing the blog.  why?  I don’t seem to say anything.  I tend to observe and take everything in.  I dislike confrontation and will run and hide from it.  My nature, my upbringing and something E has worked on with me for a while.


I miss E.  I haven’t been in to a session with her in ……… I cannot remember when.  We have touched base by phone and she has suggested that I find a new therapist.  Really?!?!  She doesn’t have weekend hours anymore and trying to make it into Boston from the North Shore by train (got to park the car, well, first you have to find a lot that has a parking spot).  She has suggested Thursdays but with my work schedule (work nights) that makes for a very long and draining day to begin with that trying to go into work is another issue all together. 

I have been dragging my feet on that.  I like E, I am comfortable with her.  She knows when I am talking bullshit and when I just need to vent and get everything off of my chest.  I took grief from people because 1)she is an adoptive parent and 2)she worked for the agency.  But I was comfortable.

Anyway ~~~~

The visit with Supergirl was AWESOME 🙂  It was short but you know what — I didn’t care.  I was with my girl.  She was with me.  The only down spot.  She asked about Biker Boy.  She wants a picture, a recent one.  So I asked him for one.  He has ignored me.  The kicker: I came across some photos of his son, probably when he was about 3 years old.  I sent him a message asking him what he wanted me to do with them  He has ignored me.  I will tell Jessica this when she is older.  I did tell Amom that I requested a photo from Biker and that he ignored me.

Oh well his loss.


Now time to enjoy this little shiny thing in the sky 🙂

New Year, New Goals

Now that we are a week into this new year I figured I would write my goals.   I don’t make resolutions because when they are not met I feel really bad about myself.

I had a few goals to end out the year.

1) to get Supergirl’s Christmas presents to her before the year was over

2) to get the ball rolling on a visit.

Well,  I made those goals.  🙂

I played phone tag with L over the weekend into Monday and when we were finally able to talk to a person and not the voice mail we were on the phone for a 1/2 hour.

I am seeing L and Supergirl on Friday.  2, count them, 2 days from now.  In under 72 hours I will see Supergirl and her smile.  To hear her talk.  To just see for myself how big she has gotten.

I was caught up on some of her adventures.  Her likes in food and her unlikes in food.  How she and I do not really like to eat breakfast.  We will eat something if we are forced to but would rather wait a few hours before we have something and then it isn’t anything big (unless I meet friends for breakfast because then I am having my 3 egg omelet with cheese and ham, home fries and English muffin).

Now I hear it going to rain.  We are meeting at a restaurant.  If it is raining then I will not be able to get alot of pictures.  That stinks.

I hate that part.

I really do.

but I get to see my girl.

After 1 year, 1 month and 4 days, I will be able to see Supergirl again.