Small Town Living

I have an update on Supergirl and that saga but I don’t wish to bring myself down.

So I will just put in a fun little post that was in more ways then I thought make 2 friends laugh.

I live in a small town.

How small?

There is no grocery store but there is 2 general stores.

1 Post Office

1 Library with the name of the town next to us.

2 auto repair places.

4 churches

1 graveyard

2 school

1 restaurant/bar/pub

1 packie  (if you are from Mass.  you know that a packie/packing store is Liquor Store).

1 Realtor

1 DIY/lumber/soil shop

1 fire company

0 police department (we use the town next to ours)

3 Adult living communities (55+ or assisted living facilities)

0 traffic lights but has 2 caution lights

I like that there is no traffic after dark or rush hour, which ever happens first.  I like that I can go the either town around me and catch the train into Boston and get around.  I like that fact that while it is small, there are still a number of open places.

Things I don’t like:

My road, while being the main road thru town is the LAST to get plowed.  Some of my coworkers and a friend found out the other night when I played follow the leader with a coworker since the other side of the road was plowed and the side we needed to be in wasn’t.


I have been quiet.
I have been quiet all over the place.
I have gone out and appeared to have a good time.
Only to cry in my car on the drive home.
Right now, I am dealing with some thing outside of adoption and Supergirl and the evil that is her mother.
So right now I will continue to be quiet.

Anger — again

I really hate writing about my anger. I hate the fact that I am dealing with people who are older then me and acting worse then I have seen a 2 year old throw a temper tantrum.
Who the hell do they think they are?

*yes I am once again discussing Supergirl’s “parents”
I called E last week since I haven’t heard from her in awhile. We set up a day and time for me to come in since I haven’t seen her since November.
So I asked if she had heard anything.
She has called every week. She has left a message. She has left not 1 but 2 phone numbers for L to reach her at. NOTHING
So I will not run away.
I will not hide.
I will be getting Supergirl something for Valentine’s Day.
I will be sending it.
I will be including a card.
I will sign my name.
I will not leave my daughters life!!!!!!

I have been discussing this with some beautiful women on one of the forums I belong to. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock. These women would LOVE for their child’s firstmother to be in their life and here I am; wanting to be in Supergirl’s life and being pushed out of it.
Life really isn’t fair.