There hasn’t been any movement on the mediation.  That I know of anyway.  I have pictures of Supergirl and I love them.  But looking at them makes me realize that there is now less then 3 months until her birthday (the big 5) and I have no ideas.  I won’t ask L again since she NEVER responded to the letter asking.


But there is some great things going on.

I am loving Facebook!!!  I talk to my brother and SIL often and through my brother I found one of my other “brothers” J.  While I have 1 bio brother I have 2 “other” brothers.  They were always over our house when we lived in N. Chicago and so their Mothers gave Mom permission to ground and discipline as needed.  So they called them Mom and I called them brothers.

It is nice to talk to him again and reconnect and find out what he has been doing with his life.

History may close

I have been reading alot about a favorite theatre in the North Shore looking to have to close their doors after 50+ years.  They are on a skeleton crew and I am hoping that I will see their shows this season.

I have been going since I moved back home almost 10 years ago now.  I go with my grandmother and we go to the show and then we go and have a bite to eat.  I look forward to this, especially to see some of the shows that come through.

This theatre is truly unique.  All of the shows are done “in the round”.  The stage is round.  I have seen: Grease, High School Musical, The Full Monty, The 22nd Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  The one I look forward to every year is A Christmas Carol.  The actor who plays Scrooge is just spot on and we look forward to seeing what other shows he will be in during the season.

Now this season and any other season is in jeopardy.  I was looking forward to seeing The Wedding Singer and Phantom.